About Me

desCurrently enrolled in Samriddhi College (T.U.) as a student of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT), I am a person who keeps keen interest in the field of computers, gadgets and IT.

Though I am a student of a geeky field, I am also involved in social field. I have been contributing in the social sector from about three years by the campaign, ‘Change Bhaktapur’, and organization, ‘WE: The Changers’. I have also worked collaboratively with different other organizations related to the fields like youth, motivation, education etc. I have been a part of the organizing team of many events and campaigns like People’s Climate March, Anti-Loadshedding Campaign, White Butterfly Movement etc.

Singing, playing guitar, drawing and painting are my hobbies, whereas, the area of information technology is my addiction. I am video editor, blogger, writer, graphics designer, web developer and programmer.